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Solenoid Valve, Ex-proof Solenoid Valve

XINGYU ELECTRON(NINGBO) CO.,LTD. is China solenoid valve manufacturer and wholesaler. Our products are produced according to the ISO9001:2000 standards. There are more than 10 well educated and experienced technicians in our company to deal with OEM ex-proof solenoid valve services for our customers. Equipped with advanced facilities and high technology, now we are supplier of some famous enterprises such as the Parker Hannifin in the USA.
solenoid valve
Low consumption, compact design, big fl ow, quick response, long lifecycles.
Solenoid Specification
Tolerance of voltage ±10% 
Insulation Class B Class, F Class, H Class 
Response Time 0.05S 
Power  AC 5.6VA /5.4VA /Start: 5.6VA, Holding: 5.4VA 
DC 4W 
High Voltage Protection AC:Voltage sensitive resistance, DC:Diode
Indicator Led Neon, Diode 
Technical Parameter
Model Configration  Ports  Orfice (mm)  Media  Pressure  Type  Action speed  Lubrication  Ambient Temp. 
RV2321  3/2 G1/4  8 Air   0.15~0.9
 Pilot  5 cycles/S  No need  -5~50°C
RV2511  5/2  G1/8  6
RV2521  G1/8  6
RV2522  G1/8  6
RV2522  G1/4  8
RM2521  G1/4  8
RV2531  G3/8  10
RV2532  G3/8  10
RV2541  G1/2  15
RV2542  G1/2  15
RV3521C  5/3  G1/8  6
RV3522C  G1/4  8
RV3532C  G3/8  10
Note: The explosion-proof solenoid valve when ordering plus Ex, cases: RV2321Ex.